Fresh-Churned Ice Cream!

We will fresh-churn delicious homemade ice cream on-site at your event!  This machine can be as much show and fun as the homemade I SCREAM itself! The unit is completely portable - we can travel to you!  The I SCREAM machine requires nothing but fun and ice!  This incredible machine can churn two 20-quart freezers at once, while serving out of two 20-quart cans.  The Spotless hit and miss engine of 1 1/2 HP dates back to the 1920s and can drive these eye-catching freezers all day long.  These are the largest and the last of the famous freezers made by White Mountain.

  • We travel to street festivals & events in Central Iowa.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We use a commercially-prepared mix.
  • Contact us about your private or fund raising needs.

- Tom and Patty Foster